Personality Traits

People have unique personalities. These traits define how I tend to think, feel and behave on an ongoing basis.

Personality traits reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Personality traits imply consistency and stability – someone who scores high on a specific trait for example like extraversion is expected to be sociable in different situations and over time.

Thus, trait psychology rests on the idea that people differ from one another in terms of where they stand on a set of basic trait dimensions that persist over time and across situations.

Following are some personality traits concluded upon personality tests, I have taken, and a combined conclusion thereof is further down below.

Personality Traits

Personality Tests

Even though I have taken a number of personality tests myself in order to evaluate my very own personality traits, I do have my doubts in its results accuracies and would never judge or even hire / fire people solely based on such tests outcomes only.

In her award-winning book “Weapons of Math Destruction”Dr. Cathy O’Neil shares several examples of how predictive tests and scoring mechanisms can seriously damage someone’s life.

The example the mathematician offers here shows how the scoring from personality tests, often used in the hiring process, can exclude entire groups of people regardless of their talents, knowledge, experience and competencies.

It’s unfair to use personality tests in hiring

The era of blind faith in big data must end

Stay tuned for exploring and venting about quantitative issues on her blog or get real and hire the ORCAA team.

Traits Conclusion

Eric is a pragmatic, objective, fact-oriented and thinking organized creator who through inner motivation influences people and circumstances, helps persuade doers, thrives on competitive situations and challenging assignments, whose effectiveness and enthusiasm are unlikely to be reduced and a commercial entrepreneurial communicator open to experience, conscientious, not so extroverted but yet agreeable, hardly to upset and relaxed reacting individual who achieves targets through determination and perseverance by applying an analytical attitude focusing on results and who is an autonomous, influential, advanced working conditions enjoying, variable, creative, work-life balance favoring, prestigious, financial reward seeking, security preferring, performance delivering, sufficiently structured, frequently self-developing, at times unselfish and a bit work relationship underestimating kind of guy.”