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Seeking reliable and professional services for carbon credits B2C business (start-up in Switzerland) -> Retail of CO₂ compensation

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With this RFQ, we are seeking reliable and professional services for carbon credits B2C business (start-up in Switzerland) -> Retail of CO₂ compensation

You are cordially invited to submit your best quote for the following:

Digital Marketing
Translation Services
CO₂ Certificates
App & Website Dev


Emissions trading is the trading of certificates that entitle the holder to emit a certain amount of CO₂. These certificates are allocated and can be traded, giving emissions a price. The CO₂ price is thus a market-based instrument of environmental policy for reducing CO₂ emissions.

Today, this usually happens on two levels: Either between states or between companies. The possibility of trading CO₂ certificates leads to carbon dioxide being saved where it is economically efficient to do so.

Only if it is cheaper to save a ton of CO₂ instead of buying a certificate does the company retool (and can sell superfluous certificates to other companies), otherwise more certificates are simply bought and the company’s operations are left as they are.

Either way, the customer is asked to pay: When buying goods of any kind – or even traveling by plane – one (currently still) has the choice of offsetting the CO₂ emissions caused by this demand by making an additional contribution. However, it is not really possible to track exactly where this contribution goes.

CO₂ emissions trading is currently only widely spread in the form of G2B (government to business) and B2B (business to business); B2C (business to customer), however, is only just becoming established in various countries. Corresponding future competitors were all established between 2018 to 2020.

So, the idea is to specifically promote the retail trade (B2C).

The (digital) retail of emissions is the trading of certificates that compensate for the emission of a certain amount of CO₂ without the need to purchase a product or other service (e.g. goods of any kind or a trip by plane -> Transfer of CO₂ price from G2B / B2B to B2C).

On offer will be multilingual (digital) retail of CO₂ compensation in the form of products & services primarily for private individuals and so create the possibility for anyone to contribute with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

With voluntary CO₂ offsetting, private individuals primarily finance climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries that reduce emissions there. In doing so, they compensate for CO₂ i.e. carbon dioxide that they themselves generate. The idea behind this commitment is that it is irrelevant for climate protection where on earth CO2 emissions are reduced – the main thing is that emissions fall.

By offering such additional opportunities for CO₂ compensation, also the awareness of climate protection is raised even further.

Digital Marketing

The main sales channel will be an app (hybrid, e.g. desk and mobile for the platforms Android and iOS) and website with online store. An outside digital marketing agency is going to be hired for strategy, social media feeds, SEO (search engine optimization) and do all this stuff as well as influencer marketing on a limited budget.

  • App Launch Marketing
  • App Deep Linking
  • Mobile App Retargeting
  • Mobile App Retention
  • In-App Purchases
  • In-App Messaging
  • App Store Optimization
  • App Subscriptions
Target Group

Basically, every person on this planet who wants to contribute to climate protection is in consideration, but the age would probably range between 16 to 64 years both male and female. So, virtually everyone shall be given the digital opportunity to actively participate in compensating CO₂ emissions through various (externally operated) climate protection projects.

That’s approx. 65% or 5.16 billion people of the world population whereas more than 1 in 4 internet users aged 16 to 64 (27.6%) discover new brands, products, and services via social media ads which is only slightly less than the 31.1% for TV ads. Search engines are still the top source of new brand discovery for the world’s internet users though, with 31.7%. Of internet users, 55.9% aged 16 to 64 buy something online every week. -> Source: Datareportal (Digital 2023 Global Overview Report)


To keep the reach as large as possible, this startup is multilingual with its app and website in probably the most spoken languages worldwide (acc. to Berlitz and Babbel) like English, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Spanish, French and Arabic -> as well as German, of course. The base language to be translated from will be either English or German.

Forbes indicates that an average of 600 – 700 words per website page is optimal for SEO. Forbes also states that websites with less than 300 words per page are considered “thin” by Google’s standards and, most likely, won’t rank as highly in search. The volume of the website is estimated at around 15 – 20 pages (see below “App and Website“) and the number of words in the app at around 35% of its content.

Product Features

  1. Digital personal PDF emission certificates -> Via website / app, the customer orders a CO₂ emission certificate (digital product PDF) in the online store -> Examples: OAKAfBClimate Company
  2. CO₂ compensation by offset subscription -> Via website / app, the customer concludes a (monthly / yearly) subscription -> Examples: Atmosfair Karbon-XCarbonfund (Custom Purchase)Carbonfund (Custom Credits) CommonsTerrapass
Estimated Quantity

The following carbon credits (tCO₂e) quantities are estimated: 7’500 in the 1st year; 15’000 in the 2nd year; 30’000 in the 3rd year; 60’000 in the 4th year; 120’000 in the 5th year and so on. As mentioned, these are just estimates and quantities may vary.

Additional Products
  1. Climate neutralization website (digital logo) -> Via website / app, the customer orders a digital logo in the online store for the climate neutralization of his website -> Examples: natureOffice CO₂ Neutral Website Pathmonk Web Neutral Project
  2. Emissions calculator for CO₂ footprint calculation -> Free service: Embed an emissions calculator (CO₂ footprint) on the website / app -> Examples: myClimate Terrapass United Nations Atmosfair Carbonfund WWF Climate TradeKlima ohne GrenzenNaturefundTrees for All
  3. Partner program: Sustainability Ambassador -> Via website / app, the customer may participate in the partner program to become a sustainability ambassador and get comission for each lead-generating referral -> Example: Terrapass
  4. Sustainable (certified brand) products -> Free service: Embed sources on the website / app for choosing certified sustainable brands. This product also serves as a vehicle to help others make a bigger impact on the community and world we all share – a mission to help entrepreneurs use commerce to create change -> Examples: Commons GoodCarts Wholesale GoodCarts Stores EarthHero

App & Website

Mobile apps dominate our digital experiences. People downloaded a record 204 billion of them from the Google and Apple app stores in 2019. A quick Google search and a calculator tells that’s an average 25 mobile apps for every person on Earth. As for more and quite insightful info on websites, you may refer to Top Website Statistics For 2023

The app and website shall appeal to members of private housholds – basically just every average person – in an easy-to-understand way and come along with a fresh, perhaps a bit cheeky, hip and urban design (such as Manga, respectively Anime with a possible App logo such as this example).

Both the app and website shall work cross-platform (for the app at least Android as well as iOS). As for the design phase e.g. UX (user experience -> satisfying the user’s need) and UI (user interface -> how the app and website look and feel to the user), your know-how and professional experience is also asked for. In the strong believe that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence, we strive to ensure to provide our digital footprint easier to use and more accessible for people with disabilities -> Web Accessibility Initiative

In the backend, there shall possibly be an administration panel provided for company’s staff to manage easy tasks for daily business such as manage CMS pages, certificates / logo, order, customer account, dashboard, testimonials / reviews, blog / news media / information / newsletter, subscription, job / career, events, advertising info etc. where no programming skills are needed.

The App

The app shall be hybrid for both desk and mobile. It should be ready for download from the respective stores (e.g. Google Play and Apple apps) for free.

The Website

10 – 30 pages of well-crafted content that showcase the products / services should be enough. Therefore, below are the pages thought of to be sufficient for the beginning.

Products / Services

Website pages and app fulfilment criteria / requirementsWhat to include and further description
-> As for languages, please refer to the above chapter “Languages
For all products -> Products / Services / Portfolio / GalleryAn outline of products available / a synopsis of services presented, short descriptions of each product / service, links to product / service pages that contain more information, what the customer can expect by purchasing those products / services, and why customers should buy those products / services from us, rather than our competition.
For products 1 to 3 -> Online store with payment optionsAccess and possibility to purchase with or without a customer account. Either own online store solution or 3rd party: Examples of 3rd party solutions are WooCommerce and Sellfy. As for the payment options, there should be the major credit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), PayPal, Stripe and TWINT (specifically for Switzerland) included -> Product 1 and Product 2: Possibility to connect directly into provider’s platform through API.
For products 1 to 3 -> Track contribution to projectsCustomer shall have to possibility to see in which climate protection projects his contribution is paid in. The app shall be able to point to there (or have such information even directly integrated in the app but that of course may depend on the provider of the climate protection project) -> Product 1 and Product 2: Possibility to connect directly into provider’s platform through API
For products 1 to 3 -> Digital delivery PDF and image formatsThere will be a software (example see Jotform) to automatically generating personalized emissions certificates in PDF. Website neutralization logos in image format will be provided in the background and should also be ready for (digital) shipment. Customer shall have the possibility to get his digital media delivered right within the app (if logged-in) or at least a generated link on which URL he can download it (if no account) -> Product 1 and Product 2: Possibility to connect directly into provider’s platform through API
For product 3 -> Page views calculator / Website neutralizationDepending on the number of page views a website receives, an amount will be calculated and charged upon purchase (this requires a calculator behind the scenes – are you able to do that as well?). He then gets a digital logo to put on his website to proof it is climate neutral. Note: Within the same process the customer may additionally choose to add either Product 1 or Product 2 before checkout.
For product 4 -> Integration / Access emission calculatorOffered as a free service: Embed an emissions calculator (CO₂ footprint) on the website / app.
For product 5 -> Integration / Access to partner dashboardThe affiliate program dashboard software will be a Saas cloud-based solution as found examples of PRM software. Once a provider is chosen, the app shall in this regard at least provide the possibility to login to the customer’s partner dashboard of provider.
For product 6 -> Integration / Access to platformOffered as a free service: Embed sources for choosing certified sustainable brands. This product also serves as a vehicle to help others make a bigger impact on the community and world we all share – a mission to help entrepreneurs use commerce to create change.

Supplementary Content

Website pages and app fulfilment criteria / requirementsWhat to include and further description
-> As for languages, please refer to the above chapter “Languages
HomeA short description of who we are and what we do, a brief explanation of products / services and perhaps some bullet points on how we can help our potential customer or client. Generally, the home page should “speak” through visuals rather than too much text -> See above …“fresh, perhaps a bit cheeky, hip and urban design (such as Manga, respectively Anime with a possible App logo such as this example)”.
AboutA summary of the company, perhaps whom it employs (bios and pics), any special achievements received, and any ways this business differs from others that provide the same products / services.
AccountCustomers need to be able to create an account with login credentials with some CAPTCHA tools. Within the account, customer shall see – depending on which product he purchases / participates in (see above) – all his details and updated info. The app shall also provide the necessities to manage (including deletion) the account.
FAQsThe most common questions most frequently asked should be on this page. Such questions should also remove any doubts a customer may have, in order to make them feel secure enough to make a purchase -> an example is here
Testimonials / ReviewsA brief paragraph of praise from customers, perhaps as long as a sentence or two. Include photos and contact info of the reviewer, preferably with a headline above each testimonial, to catch a customer’s eye.
Contact / Social MediaSelf-explanatory. Perhaps again with submit credentials such as CAPTCHA tools for the contact form. Show all social media accounts logos (none existing yet but you may aim at the usual suspects such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, X formerly Twitter and TikTok) and e-mail address (xx(at)xx.xx). There won’t be any physical address, phone or fax numbers published.
Blog / News Media / Information / NewsletterAs for the Blog, just provide the container for a possible future blog as in the beginning, there won’t be content for a blog just yet. For the section News Media, we imagine this to outline ways for the news media to get in touch, links to download PDFs and photos as well as press releases. In case, there will be a media or press kit later on, this will also be posted here so the media can learn more about the company prior to further publicity -> Examples are Commons’ Press Kit or Aerial’s Press Kit. In the space for Information, there will be updates on the various climate protection projects. There may be a feed for the updates on the various climate protection projects created -> This all might be “automated” though in case a direct connenction into the supplier’s platform via an API is possible. Last but not least please provide a subscription form and a feature with possibility to cancel at any time for a Newsletter.
Terms & Conditions / Privacy policyInclude the rules and guidelines and how the website functions. For example, which country’s laws (foreseeably Switzerland) that governs the agreement, an intellectual property disclosure that states that the website is our property and that it’s protected by copyright laws, and a “links to other sites clause” that we are not responsible for or have control over third party links on the website. What data is collected, how it is collected, how visitors can obtain a copy of the information obtained, if such content will be shared, and if so, with whom.
SitemapSitemap should come in two formats: XML sitemaps for search engine bots to help discover the content and satisfy SEO. HTML sitemaps for “human” visitors. This sitemap page should include links to all of the pages in the site. You may locate this sitemap in the footer throughout all of the website pages, where possible.
Page not foundTell visitors clearly that the page they’re looking for cannot be found. The “page not found” page should include a link back to the homepage and also include a search form and link to HTML sitemap -> an example is here.
Search resultInclude a search function in the website and the search result page shall show the results (possibly with thumbnails and at least page title) searched for.
Access from app to website and vice versaThe corporate website does not exist yet (and neither does the app). The app shall also be downloadable from the website (either directly or through the Google Play and Apple app stores).
Job or careerJust provide a container here as there won’t be any jobs advertised in the beginning.
EventsThere are two scenarios: a) Own events may be showcased / announced (there won’t be any in the beginning though) and b) Events from within the industry (such as from climate protection projects providers) may be showcased / announced.
Advertising infoA page with info about if and how 3rd parties may put their ads on the website.
Affiliate links disclosureThis becomes important in case the app / website will directly be connected to provider’s platforms with API (Product 1) and also in case of PRM, partnership relation management platform (Product 5).


We are seeking reliable and professional services for carbon credits B2C business -> Retail of CO₂ compensation. You are cordially invited to submit your best quote.

Neiter nor its website operators or any of its affiliates shall be responsible for any costs associated with a supplier’s preparation and submission of a quotation, regardless of the outcome or the manner of conducting the selection process.