My Background

Gateway to elevator pitch and personality traits. Find my CV, core competencies, industries served and (self-)assessments.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

“I am a proven specialist for global Operations / Procurement / SCM in the consumer goods and technical supply industries as well as logistics with many years of international experience. I have successfully performed key relevant activities along the value creation chain of goods & services in wholesale & retail trading companies as well as producing entities. These work experiences paired with various trainings and further education allow a holistic attitude and pragmatic approach in everyday business life. The combination of my background gathered experience and developed core competencies is for hire: Tailored Support & Services are available for your SME or organisation unit. As revenue is generated by sales but profit is made in procurement, hire me to transform your procurement staff in your enterprise into entrepreneurs in your procurement team. Contact me to learn more and about My Availability. I would be happy to specifically tackle value-adding challenges together with you. Here’s my Name Card.”

Industries Served

B2B → Lean management (KAIZEN) in general cargo logistics

B2C → Packaging for a world-famous brand in the cosmetic industry

B2B → Development of an int’l natural gas pipeline (clean energy)

B2B → Design and production of commercial advertising concepts

B2B → Wholesale of paper-related products to the printing industry

B2B → Wholesale of propulsion technology products and solutions

B2C → Production of print media and e-publishing

B2C → Global procurement of consumer goods for the retail market

B2B → Value creation chain of consumer goods and SCM consulting

B2B → Wholesale of metals / fastening technology / tools

B2B → Wholesale of own-branded electrical household appliances

B2B → Luxury goods packaging and SIS, POS / POP display solutions

Core Competencies

Core Competencies - Core competencies acquired globally paired with various trainings and further education allow a holistic attitude and pragmatic approach in everyday business life.

Honors & Awards

Co-winner of the Swiss Lean Award. In 2022, there was no single winner appointed but two winner companies. It is the only national award in Switzerland for excellence in Lean Management. The strongest lean management know-how from all industries is concentrated once a year in one place. The award is given to companies that live and implement lean management in their business processes.

Swiss Lean Award

Personality Traits

They reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Eric underwent an executive assessment with yet an other renowned Outplacement • Executive Coaching • Assessment firm in Switzerland and here are their findings.

“Autonomous and able to assume responsibility. Communicate on various hierarchy levels addressee related. Strategic, analytical, curious and enjoy learning. Approach situations in a solution-oriented and pragmatic manner. See the big picture and Think Outside The Box.”

“Sometimes quite details oriented and due to that often seem serious and factual. Somewhat high expectations towards people surrounding me and occasionally impatient as I like to see things done rather than just being talked about.”

Looking at the three outlined motifs in My Assessment, Eric as …

… a clearly contoured person who in different situations shows a homogeneous picture in his behavior and is focused on solving problems might be driven by total challenge, leading people and achieving goals with others as well as security and stability.

My Assessment