My Background



Proven specialist for global Operations / Procurement / SCM in the consumer goods and technical supply industry with many years of international experience (>10 years stationed in Asia).

Key relevant activities along the value creation chain of goods and services in wholesale and retail trading companies as well as producing entities.

Numerous years of accumulated know-how in global direct / indirect procurement of material goods and services for development and production as well as for the wholesale and retail trade of consumer goods of all kinds in third-party and private labels.

Core activities in fastening technology, metal construction, power transmission engineering, printing industry and advertising technology.

These work experiences paired with various trainings and further education allow a holistic attitude and pragmatic approach in everyday business life.

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Int’l Experience

  • Setup and run a procurement organization consisting of international sourcing & purchasing offices in various countries all over Asia.
  • Conduct procurement market studies in Singapore, India and Bangladesh.
  • Incorporate and manage expedient business units in strategic locations such as RHQs in Hong Kong and in The Philippines.
  • Feasibility study of production sites in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Evaluate the acquisition of an existing factory in China.

English and French language studies. Final exams, various seminars and workshops.


Business activities throughout Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Several work stays in Scandinavia, mainly in Sweden.

Industries Served

Industries Served

B2B → Consulting value creation chain of consumer goods and SCM

Industries Served

B2C → Packaging for a world-famous brand in the cosmetic industry (skin care)

Industries Served

B2C → Global procurement of own-branded consumer goods for the retail market

Industries Served

B2B → Whole sale of power transmission products and solutions

Industries Served

B2B → Whole sale of paper- and related products to the printing industry

Industries Served

B2B → Wholesale steel / metals / fastening technology / tools

Industries Served

B2B → Wholesale of own-branded electrical household appliances

Industries Served

B2B → Design and production of commercial advertising concepts

Industries Served

B2B → Luxury goods packaging and SIS, POS / POP display solutions

Industries Served

B2C → Production of print media and e-publishing

Industries Served

B2B → Development of an international natural gas pipeline (clean energy)

Personality Traits

Traits Conclusion

“Eric is a pragmatic, objective, fact-oriented and thinking organized creator who through inner motivation influences people and circumstances, helps persuade doers, thrives on competitive situations and challenging assignments, whose effectiveness and enthusiasm are unlikely to be reduced and a commercial entrepreneurial communicator open to experience, conscientious, not so extroverted but yet agreeable, hardly to upset and relaxed reacting individual who achieves targets through determination and perseverance by applying an analytical attitude focusing on results and who is an autonomous, influential, advanced working conditions enjoying, variable, creative, work-life balance favoring, prestigious, financial reward seeking, security preferring, performance delivering, sufficiently structured, frequently self-developing, at times unselfish and a bit work relationship underestimating kind of guy.”

Support & Services

Seeking support in global Operations / Procurement / SCM for your SME or organisation unit? Look no further: Tailored Support & Services are available for long-term, permanent employment or on interim and project basis.


I have been active in the fields of global Operations / Procurement / SCM as well as all the processes thereof for more than two decades by now. Along the way, I have developed not only a certain level of expertise but also true interest in all the challenges involved. Following are some chosen essayes and insight material made available online for you.

Projects → My Interests
Lean Management

Lean management is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

This presentation (in German) comes along with emphasis on KAIZEN and Kanban as well as 5S and value stream mapping.

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