Video Collection

One Earth | Many Worlds. A humble collection of self-made and not really professional videos from places, I have been to so far.

One Earth | Many Worlds. A humble collection of videos shot at some places, I have been to. The links beneath the flicks take you to the respective posts in My Blog. You may at least participate virtually in these journeys.

Videos A-Z

Angistock (Panorama View)
Brüsti-Surenenpass, CH
Braunwald (Ride on Funicular)
Braunwald-Nussbuel, CH
Budapest (Into the Water)
Budapest, HU
Budapest (Onto the Street)
Budapest, HU
Buochserhorn I (Panorama View)
Buochserhorn, CH
Buochserhorn II (Panorama View)
Buochserhorn, CH
Corvatsch (Ride on Cablecar)
Corvatsch, CH
Furggelenstock (Panorama View)
Furggelenstock, CH
Hagelstock (Panorama View)
Hagelstock, CH
Klausenpass (Balmer Grätli)
Klausenpass, CH
Konstanz (Rainbow)
Konstanz, DE
Melchsee-Frutt (Panorama Lift)
Melchsee-Frutt, CH
Niederbauen-Kulm (Panorama View)
Niederbauen-Kulm, CH
Schön Chulm (Panorama View)
Hagelstock, CH
Surenenpass (Panorama View)
Brüsti-Surenenpass, CH
Tierfehd-Kalktrittli (Ride on Cablecar)
Mutt- & Limmerensee, CH
Züri Fäscht (Fireworks)
Zurich (Züri Fäscht), CH
Züri Fäscht (Jardin du Plaisir)
Zurich (Züri Fäscht), CH
Zugerberg (Ride on Funicular)
Zugerberg, CH
Zurich (Polybahn)
Zurich (Polybahn), CH
Zurich (Sechseläuten 2018)
Zurich (Sechseläuten), CH

Street Parade

It has been an established cultural event since 1992 (29th Edition in 2022) and with up to one million people partying the world’s largest techno parade. Every year, the Street Parade brings the world’s best DJs, producers and musicians in the field of electronic music to Zurich. The most colourful house and techno parade in the world fascinates hundreds of thousands of dance fans from every continent year after year.

The first one took place back in 1992 (see archive video here) and in 2020 as well as in 2021, the events were canceled due to Covid-19

Street Parade 2022: Here’s the opening truck and below are six more of the so-called Love Mobiles.

Love Mobiles 2-7