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Seeking tailored support in global Operations / Procurement / SCM for your SME or unit? Look no further.

Based in Switzerland, the combination of My Background, gathered experience and developed core competencies in global Operations / Procurement / SCM is for hire.

I am available for tailored Interim ManagementRemote Services and Procurement Consulting as well as Mentoring & Coaching.

Long-term, permanent employment and perhaps relocation to your procurement markets are possible and global traveling does not pose any problem.

“More you know, better advice you give. Less you know, more advice you give.”
– Gerry Geek

Interim Management

Instant expertise: Inject highly-skilled procurement expertise into your team | Best-practice approach: A procurement expert, you can trust fitting seamlessly into your team – working remotely or on-site to look after your procurement | A range of experience: Inter-continental, multi-category expertise and an excellent track record | Increase flexibility: Upscale and downscale in line with your demands | Reduce cost: Avoid expensive recruitment fees | Upskilling: Get your internal personnel developed on your behalf.

Whether you are struggling to hire the right procurement talent, have a critical knowledge gap in your team or face a project with an aggressive deadline – the instant capacity and dependable procurement expertise you need is provided.

Remote Services

Sourcing and vendor management as well as quality inspections and loading supervision at the other end of the world based from your site might be challenging due to distance, culture, mentality and time difference – or just your very own internal time / source contstraints. Outsource such activities and let it be dealt with on your behalf: Travel to appropriate procurement markets | Perform scheduled and surprise supplier audits | Personal meetings with current or alternative & prospective vendors | Approach relevant chambers of commerce and suitable associations locally in the supplying countries.

Be represented overseas as a buyer at for your line of business important trade fairs & exhibitions and on site at vendor’s manufacturing facilities as well as other partners’ offices.

Procurement Consulting

Risk Management

There is risk in every supply chain required to be managed, reduced and in best case eliminated. Apply concepts to achieve optimal flow of goods as well as cost and tax optimization. Taking a proactive approach, identify the likelihood and impact of risk – mitigating it before it becomes a problem: Risk mapping | Business continuity planning | Supplier management | Governance processes.

The result is a more secure, sustainable and robust supply chain that your business not only can rely on but also complies with established rules and regulations.

Contract Negotiation

Maximise value from your relationships and get the right results from all your business negotiations. Taking a flexible approach based on your position and relationship, you will get favorable terms and minimized financial, legal and operational risk: Delivered better prices and terms | Defined price management mechanisms | Resolved performance issues | Ongoing supplier innovations driven.

Working with you to define negotiating variables, approach and a BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) position, let’s go out and get the job done.

Supply Network Optimisation

Structuring your supply network for the benefit of your business, ensure you have the right relationships with the suppliers you need to deliver on your commercial objectives. Continuously observe market tendencies (innovation, overall state of supplier market and vendors). Take a holistic view – examining and optimising supply market relationships to: Maximise leverage | Reduce transaction costs | Improve access to innovation | Reduce risk | Improve supplier relationships.

The result is a supply network that works for your business.

Strategic Sourcing & Category Management

Increase the value of procurement through strategic sourcing and effective category management. Define categories and implement strategies – from initial segmentation, development and deployment, to ongoing improvement. Benefit from: Spend reduction | Improved supplier relationships | Increased innovation | Enhanced CSR (corporate social responsibility) | Effective risk management.

The ultimate goal is to ensure all your third party spend is underpinned by an effective sourcing strategy.

Strategy Development & Deployment

Procurement with purpose to ensure that procurement works towards your wider business objectives, with strategy development and deployment support. Develop and implement appropriate, effective supply chain strategies and ensure that these strategic initiatives become focused and real progress can be realized to deliver: Sustainable value | Competitive advantage | Process & systems improvement.

A procurement strategy that aligns with your overarching business strategy so that everyone is working towards the same goals and acts jointly in concert.

Opportunity Assessment

This is the first phase and begins when a lead is identified as a potential opportunity and enough interest exists to warrant investigating it further. To identify the key areas where you can improve procurement, we look at every aspect of your organisation, determine how you can drive efficiencies in terms of cost, processes and systems. This is achieved through: Spend review | Procurement process review | Procurement maturity review | Skills & systems assessment.

This isn’t just about cutting cost. You will gain understanding of where you can drive improvements and unlock benefits across your organisation.

Mentoring & Coaching

“Transform your procurement staff in your enterprise into entrepreneurs in your procurement team.”
– Eric Roth

Why External Mentoring? Internal time constraints | Independent perspective | Lack of existing knowledge / experience | Develop in-house skills / fill skill gaps. Provide key procurement individuals with the expert mentoring support they need to achieve their full potential. Delivering one to one support, the process is designed to help people quickly gain the capability, understanding, skills and confidence required to develop as a procurement professional and perform in your business.

Whether you’re looking to on-board new starters or enhance the capability of your team, procurement mentoring & coaching provides the support your team members need to be effective.

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