Space Exploration

From the dawn of man until very recently, humans have been Earthbound, unable to reach even the clouds – let alone space. It’s only within the last hundred years or so that the advent of manned flight and rocket ships has made the heavens attainable. In that time, we’ve sent people to the moon, rovers to Mars, and space probes deep into the reaches of our solar system. And advanced telescopes that orbit Earth and explore space are bringing even the most remote edges of the universe closer to home.

Problems we face

Some key players

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS: Take a tour here) is a research laboratory in low Earth orbit. With many different partners contributing to its design and construction, this high-flying laboratory has become a symbol of cooperation in space exploration, with former competitors now working together.

Watch ISS Live Stream

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Live Earth View From ISS

Future of Human Space Exploration

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