My Background

“I am a proven specialist for global Operations / Procurement / SCM in the consumer goods and technical supply industries as well as logistics with many years of int’l experience. I have successfully performed key relevant activities along the value creation chain of goods & services in wholesale & retail trading companies as well as producing entities.

These work experiences paired with various trainings and further education allow a holistic attitude and pragmatic approach in everyday business life. The combination of my background, gathered experience and developed core competencies is for hire: Tailored Support & Services are available for your SME or organisation unit.

As revenue is generated by sales but profit is made in procurement, hire me to transform your procurement staff in your enterprise into entrepreneurs in your procurement team. Contact me to learn more and about my Availability. I would be happy to specifically tackle value-adding challenges together with you. Here’s my Name Card.”


  • Proven specialist for global Operations / Procurement / SCM with many years of international experience (>10 years stationed in Asia).
  • Key relevant activities in global direct and indirect procurement as well as lean management (Kaizen) along the value creation chain of goods and services for wholesale and retail trading companies along with technical component suppliers in addition to logistics service providers.
  • Core activities in various industries such as general cargo logistics, energy (natural gas pipeline), cosmetics (skin care), fastening technology, metal construction, non-food consumer goods, power transmission engineering, printing industry and advertising technology.
  • These work experiences paired with various trainings and further education allow a holistic attitude and pragmatic approach in everyday business life.

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Int’l Experience


Setup and run a procurement organization consisting of international sourcing & purchasing offices in various countries all over Asia: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philippines, South-Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Conduct procurement market studies in Singapore, India and Bangladesh. Incorporate and manage expedient business units in strategic locations such as RHQs in Hong Kong and in The Philippines. Feasibility study of production sites in Vietnam and Cambodia. Evaluate the acquisition of an existing factory in China.


English and French language studies. Final exams, various seminars and workshops.


Business activities throughout Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Several work stays in Scandinavia, mainly in Sweden.

Industries Served

B2B → Wholesale of power transmission products and solutions

B2B → Wholesale of paper- and related products to the printing industry

B2B → Design and production of commercial advertising concepts

B2B → Value creation chain of consumer goods and SCM consulting

B2B → Development of an international natural gas pipeline (clean energy)

B2C → Packaging for a world-famous brand in the cosmetic industry (skin care)

B2C → Production of print media and e-publishing

B2B → Wholesale of own-branded electrical household appliances

B2B → Wholesale of steel / metals / fastening technology / (professional & DIY) tools

B2C → Global procurement of own-branded consumer goods for the retail market

B2B → Lean management (KAIZEN) in general cargo logistics

B2B → Luxury goods packaging and SIS, POS / POP display solutions

Education & Trainings

A backpack full of learned and absorbed theory…

2018: Lean Manager (Certificate SGO) • 2011: CIP Kaizen (Workshops Lean Management) • 1999-2001: Business Administration (MBA Diploma in General Management) • 1997: LAN Administration (Certificates Computer Networking) • 1989-1991: Marketing Professional (Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education) • 1988-1989: Commercial Diploma (Diploma VSH) • 1982-1985: Designer Advertising Industry (Swiss Federal Diploma of VET).

…and an equally large backpack packed with practice.

Core Competencies

During the course of my professional career on the global stage, I have developed the following core skills & competencies:

Strategic Procurement (direct / indirect) • SCM • Lean Management (Kaizen) • Global Sourcing • Brand & Private-Label Management • Wholesale & Retail • Marketing • Contract Management • Intercultural Leadership • Operations




Personality Traits

Personality traits reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Personality traits imply consistency and stability – someone who scores high on a specific trait like Extraversion is expected to be sociable in different situations and over time. Thus, trait psychology rests on the idea that people differ from one another in terms of where they stand on a set of basic trait dimensions that persist over time and across situations.

Personality Tests

Even though I have taken a number of personality tests myself in order to evaluate my very own personality traits, I do have my doubts in its results accuracies and would never judge or even hire / fire people solely based on such tests outcomes only.

Be it as it may, learn about my Personality Traits