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Bank facing fine for 'charging thousands of dead people financial advice fees'

Australia's third-largest banking group has revealed it is facing a fine for a string of… [...]

Dancer, WWII spy and civil rights activist Josephine Baker honoured at France's Pantheon

Josephine Baker will be the first black woman to be honoured by the French government… [...]

Prince Charles acknowledges 'appalling' history of slavery as Barbados becomes a republic

The Prince of Wales has formally acknowledged "the appalling atrocity of slavery" in the Caribbean,… [...]

Channel tragedy survivor:  Victims 'held hands in order not to drown' after boat capsized

A survivor of the Channel boat tragedy has described how the passengers held hands when… [...]

Lionel Messi hails 'incredible' seventh men's Ballon d'Or victory ahead of Lewandowski and Jorginho

Lionel Messi has won the seventh men's Ballon d'Or of his illustrious career at a… [...]

TV journalist files charges against man who allegedly slapped her bottom on air after football match

A female Italian journalist has filed charges against a man accused of slapping her bottom… [...]

They show speeches by Xi Jinping and others which led to Uyghurs' mass internment and… [...]

The artist and businesswoman is honoured at an event marking the nation's status as a… [...]

Canberra's workplace culture has left a "trail of devastation" for women especially, a review finds. [...]

The Caribbean nation parts ways with the Queen in a ceremony attended by Prince Charles… [...]

Australia's second largest bank Westpac has agreed to pay $81m in penalties and compensate customers. [...]

The last time the tech visionary left Twitter, he set up another company now worth… [...]

China warned Tuesday that the fast-spreading Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus would cause challenges… [...]

Japan on Tuesday confirmed its first case of the Omicron coronavirus variant, a day after… [...]

Drugmaker Moderna set off fresh alarm bells in financial markets on Tuesday as the firm's… [...]

One in three people working in Australia's parliament have experienced sexual harassment, a report published… [...]

Japan's crown prince criticised the media on Tuesday for falsities and "terrible things" in its… [...]

Barbados formally declared itself the world's newest republic at the stroke of midnight, removing Queen… [...]


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China’s Silence on Peng Shuai Shows the Limits of Beijing’s Propaganda

Officials have struggled to respond to a sexual assault allegation that hits at the heights… [...]

Covid News: Pfizer to Seek Approval for Boosters for 16- and 17-Year-Olds

President Biden cautioned against panic because of the Omicron variant, as scientists said they needed… [...]

Barbados Drops the Queen and Becomes a Republic

The island nation swore in its first president, ending nearly 400 years of British rule.… [...]

Catherine the Great Letter Up for Auction Shows Her Support for Inoculations

In a letter to be sold at auction this week, the Russian empress called for… [...]

World Omicron Fight Hindered by Fragmented Response

Almost two years into the pandemic, finger-pointing, lack of coordination, sparse information and fear are… [...]

Report: Rampant Sexual Harassment in Australia’s Parliament

A sweeping report lays out a cloistered, alcohol-fueled environment where powerful men violated boundaries unchecked. [...]

In der amerikanischen Politik grassiert eine Rhetorik der Gewalt

Manche Aussagen von Republikanern suggerieren, der Bürgerkrieg stehe unmittelbar bevor, aber auch Linke tendieren zur… [...]

DIE NEUSTEN ENTWICKLUNGEN - Coronavirus weltweit: Moderna-Chef warnt vor verringerter Wirksamkeit des Impfstoffs gegen die Omikron-Variante

Über 262 Millionen Menschen sind laut der Johns-Hopkins-Universität weltweit positiv auf das Virus getestet worden.… [...]

Milliardensummen für mehr Einfluss: EU will China Paroli bieten

China baut seinen Einfluss in der Welt seit Jahren massiv aus. Die EU will dem… [...]

KOMMENTAR - Tauwetter am Golf: Plötzlich sprechen sie wieder miteinander

Saudi, Iraner und Türken haben die Grenzen der militärischen Konfrontation erfahren. Sie versuchen nun, am Verhandlungstisch… [...]

NZZ STANDPUNKTE - «Die Spitäler sind nicht wegen der Ungeimpften voll – die Politik will bloss von ihrem eigenen Versagen ablenken»

Ist sie eine der Letzten, die aussprechen, was viele denken? Oder erzählt sie bloss Räuberpistolen?… [...]

PODCAST - Ein Hafenarbeiter aus Triest kämpft gegen den Impfpass in Italien und wird zur Ikone der Corona-Massnahmen-Gegner

Stefano Puzzer hat im Hafen von Triest einen Streik angeführt. Sein Protest begann Mitte Oktober, als… [...]

The National Anti-Corruption Commission on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to punish coalition supporter and… [...]

BEIJING: China warned Tuesday that the fast-spreading Omicron Covid-19 variant would cause challenges in hosting… [...]

HONG KONG: Existing Covid-19 jabs will struggle against the Omicron variant and it will take… [...]

Equities and oil sank again Tuesday after the head of Moderna warned current coronavirus vaccines… [...]

NARATHIWAT: A man has confessed to killing his own mother, saying he did so while… [...]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's top choice for a successor on Tuesday dropped out of the… [...]

Duterte-Kandidat zieht zurück: Wird der Diktatoren-Sohn jetzt philippinischer Präsident?

Der Wahlkampf im Inselstaat ist um eine überraschende Wendung reicher. Und Ferdinand Marcos Jr. schickt… [...]

Barbados ist jetzt eine Republik: Heldin Rihanna, Charles’ Rede und ein Goodbye an die Queen

Die Karibikinsel Barbados sagte sich in der Nacht von der britischen Monarchie los und erklärt… [...]

Scholz holt Hilfe beim Militär: Deutschland hat jetzt einen Corona-Krisenstab-General

Der ranghohe Bundeswehrangehörige soll sich um die Pandemiebekämpfung kümmern. Dass er dies im Auftrag der… [...]

Streit um den Grenzschutz am Ärmelkanal: Im Sog der Populisten

Wenn Menschen ertrinken, suchen Paris und London die Schuld bei den anderen. [...]

Islam in Pakistan: Gnadenlose Jagd auf «Gotteslästerer»

In Pakistan wird Blasphemie streng geahndet, am Ende steht oft ein Todesurteil. Ein Besuch bei… [...]

Flüchtlinge an der Grenze zu Polen: Die Weissrussen halten sie für Kollaborateure des Regimes

Die Menschen, die Alexander Lukaschenko zu Tausenden ins Land geholt hat, sind in Weissrussland bei… [...]


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NASA, SpaceX Launch DART: First Test Mission to Defend Planet Earth

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the world’s first full-scale mission to test technology for… [...]

NASA Invites Media to Webb Telescope Science Briefings

NASA will hold two virtual media briefings Thursday, Nov. 18, on the science goals and… [...]

NASA TV to Air DART Prelaunch Activities, Launch

NASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the agency’s first… [...]

NASA to Hold Double Asteroid Redirection Test Launch Preview Briefing

NASA will hold a virtual media briefing at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday, Nov. 4, to… [...]

NASA’s Juno: Science Results Offer First 3D View of Jupiter Atmosphere

New findings from NASA’s Juno probe orbiting Jupiter provide a fuller picture of how the… [...]

NASA to Host Briefing on Webb Telescope Engineering, Deployments

NASA will hold a virtual media briefing 11 a.m. EDT Tuesday, Nov. 2, to discuss… [...]

Volcanic eruptions may have triggered abrupt climate changes contributing to the repeated collapse of Chinese… [...]

Research has revealed a correlation between being particularly proficient in tool use and having good… [...]

Researchers have developed an injectable therapy based on nanofibers that has enabled paralyzed mice with… [...]

A new study strengthens the case that climate change has been the main cause of… [...]

Scientists have built a plant that can produce carbon-neutral liquid fuels from sunlight and air.… [...]

To counter hacking, researchers have developed a new system based on the concept of 'zero-knowledge… [...]

On 18 February 2021, the National IHR Focal Point for the Russian Federation notified WHO… [...]

On 14 February 2021, the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Guinea informed WHO of a… [...]

Rift Valley fever (RVF) has been reported in Kenya in humans in Isiolo and Mandera… [...]

On 7 February 2021, the Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo… [...]

On 13 January, 2021, a child under 18 years of age in Wisconsin developed respiratory… [...]

Between 1 June through 31 December 2020, the National IHR Focal Point of Saudi Arabia… [...]

Amazon workers in the US state will get a second chance to unionise in a… [...]

The last time the tech visionary left Twitter, he set up another company now worth… [...]

Richard Moore says the secret service must partner with the private sector to find new… [...]

A lack of recycling facilities in Africa has spurred one Dutch company to import broken… [...]

Clearview AI allegedly breached privacy rules and must now delete relevant photos from its records. [...]

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey steps down from leading the company, saying he's "ready to move… [...]

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