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Teenage demonstrator shot dead as thousands protest George Floyd deathA 19-year-old man has died after shots were fired into a crowd of people protesting agains

'We have infection under control': Denmark to allow some foreign visitors from JuneDenmark will next month reopen its borders to visitors from Germany, Iceland and Norway -

British pilot with COVID-19 wakes from coma but needs lifesaving lung transplantA British coronavirus patient on life support in Vietnam has come out of a coma but will n

Crowds rally at the White House among other places over the death in police custody of Geo

Donald Trump says he will end Hong Kong's special status with the US over China'

The magazine says the Kardashian family misled the press about the value of Jenner's

Thousands of protesters stormed the security perimeter of Barclays Center in New York as p

Thirty-seven countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) appealed on Friday for comm

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said on Saturday it was "a sad day


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Corona ist die Generalprobe für die globalen Krisen des 21. Jahrhunderts – und sie droht gerade zu scheiternEine Pandemie ist erst dann vorbei, wenn sie überall vorbei ist. Dazu braucht es internati

Indiens Lockdown ist gescheitert. Nun hebt ihn das Land auf dem Höhepunkt der Ansteckungen aufIndien kommt nach zwei Monaten aus dem Lockdown – in dem Moment, in dem die Zahl der Infek

The anti-graft body has been criticised for subverting the system of checks and balances o

PHUKET: Heavy rain triggered flooding in several areas in downtown Muang district of this

SINGAPORE: Some Singaporeans have reacted sharply to the government’s announcement of an a

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a California church’s challenge to attendance limits. And

The Swiss city is best known for bankers, watchmakers and U.N. officials. But the virus ha

As the Chinese government’s grip tightens, protesters are debating how and why to keep fig

Weltweit kommt zu Kundgebungen zum Fall des in Minneapolis bei einem Polizeiensatz getötet

Nach dem Tod eines Schwarzen bei einem Polizeieinsatz eskaliert die Situation. Nicht nur i

In London sagen die Menschen dem nationalen Gesundheitsamt Danke. In Südamerika trifft die


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A team of scientists studying the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that has caused the COVI

Analysis of two cosmic explosions indicates to astronomers that the pair, along with a puz

One in three women in Europe inherited the receptor for progesterone from Neanderthals --

From 20 to 26 May 2020, no new cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported from

Between 2 and 8 April 2020, six suspected human cases of dracunculiasis in Duli village, G

From 13 to 19 May 2020, no new cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported from

Information for all visitors to ESA sites Coronavirus measures for hosted meetings and vis

After celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European space cooperation in 2014, we now m

Week in images: 25-29 May 2020 Discover our week through the lens

Student's computer overheated after it was hit with a "crypto-jacking" atta

Tristan Cross taught himself how to make the 3D models from scratch by watching YouTube vi

For the first time, Twitter has hidden a tweet on the president's profile behind a wa

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World Population

The world population counter does not actually tick up every time someone is born. By using past census data the rate of population increase can be determined rather accurately.

The counter then shows the predicted increase over the course of one year but instead of updating the number just once each year, it divides the estimated number of people who will be born in that year by the number of seconds in a year, giving the appearance of a counter that is ticking upwards continuously.

According to global statistics, the world population on earth increases by 2.5 people every second and so implies 150 people per minute.

However, this number is both commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted as it does not mean 2.5 new born people in every second. Rather, 4.3 people are born on average in every second while 1.8 people die in the same time.

In a whole, this implies an increase of 2.5 people per second (4.3 born people minus 1.8 dead people equals 2.5). Extrapolated, these figures imply a number of 137 million people born every year on a global level whilst 58 million people die in the same period of time.