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Shoe giants urge Trump to end trade warNike and Adidas are among 170 firms who claim higher tariffs are 'catastrophic' for consum [...]

Iranian threats 'put on hold', says US defence chiefThe defence chief says US actions have stopped potential attacks and its policy was of "deterre [...]

More impeachment calls as ex-White House lawyer skips hearingAfter a former Trump White House lawyer refuses a subpoena, more Democrats call for impeachment. [...]

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed details of her "new Brexit deal," which include [...]

President Donald Trump continued his tour of 2020 swing states on Monday night, stopping in Mountour [...]

Jokha Alharthi on Tuesday became the first Arabic author to win the Man Booker International prize f [...]

US fighters intercepted six Russian military aircraft in international airspace west of Alaska, and [...]

North Korea stepped up its campaign on Tuesday for the United States to return a seized cargo ship b [...]

Huawei founder: Trump 'underestimates our abilities'The founder of Huawei has taken aim at Donald Trump, suggesting US restrictions on its business [...]

Parents win right to use dead son's spermThe parents of a military cadet who died in a skiing accident can use his frozen sperm to produce a [...]

Doctors told to restart life support for paralysed patientFrench doctors have been ordered to resume giving food and water to a quadriplegic - just 12 hours a [...]


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Theresa Mays letzter WurfIn einer Fernsehrede hat die britische Premierministerin ihren voraussichtlich letzten Versuch vorge [...]

Österreichs Präsident hat in der Krise das letzte WortAlexander Van der Bellen spielt hinter den Kulissen eine wichtige Rolle, um Österreich regierbar zu [...]

NZZ-Korrespondent Arnold Hottinger: Ein Fürsprecher der arabischen WeltArnold Hottinger war ein kenntnisreicher, aber auch empathischer Kenner des Nahen Ostens. Nicht abst [...]

The cabinet has approved the designation of May 4 as the Coronation Day and public holiday. [...]

The Transport Ministry will push for a 4-billion-baht investment in two new bridges over the Mekong [...]

The Election Commission (EC) has been asked to act against Future Forward Party (FFP) leader Thanath [...]

After being crushed in 2014, the Congress party, India’s old powerhouse, appears to have made few ga [...]

The president of the world’s third-largest democracy won a second term Tuesday, and vowed in an inte [...]

With Brexit looming and nationalism on the rise, Europe goes to the polls this week to elect the Eur [...]

Die britische Premierministerin will im Parlament den Brexit-Vertrag retten und stellt sogar ein zwe [...]

Der Bundeskanzler muss sich im Parlament dem Misstrauensvotum stellen. FPÖ und SPÖ schliessen nicht [...]

Darf der US-Präsident die Herausgabe der Unterlagen blockieren? Erstmals hat ein Bundesgericht dazu [...]


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Formation of the moon brought water to EarthEarth has a large amount of water and a relatively large moon, which stabilizes Earth's axis. B [...]

Water formation on the Moon demonstratedA new study has shown chemical, physical, and material evidence for water formation on the Moon. [...]

Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteriaPeople who experience anxiety symptoms might be helped by taking steps to regulate the microorganism [...]

On 16 March 2018, WHO was notified by the National International Health Regulations (IHR) Focal Poin [...]

From 9 through 30 April 2019, the National International Health Regulations (IHR) Focal Point of Sau [...]

Although the security situation has subsided mildly into an unpredictable calm, the transmission of [...]

Every minute, ESA’s Earth observation satellites gather dozens of gigabytes of data about our planet [...]

Ice is without doubt one of the first casualties of climate change, but the effects of our warming w [...]

By combining 25 years of ESA satellite data, scientists have discovered that warming ocean waters ha [...]

Female-voice AI reinforces bias, says UN reportFemale-voiced AIs are portrayed as "eager to please", suggesting women are "subservie [...]

Bleach peddled as 'miracle' autism cure on YouTubeAn investigation by Business Insider led the site to take down most - but not all - of the videos. [...]

US warns of threat from Chinese drone companiesThe alert raises concerns that the Chinese government might gain access to confidential data. [...]