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Deadly Japan fire: Arson suspect said animation studio 'stole his novel'A man suspected of killing 33 people in an arson attack at an animation studio in Japan reportedly s [...]

Man who raped and killed British teen in Goa jailed for 10 yearsA man convicted of the rape and killing of British teenager Scarlett Keeling in Goa has been sentenc [...]

Strong earthquakes in Athens send people running out into streetsA strong earthquake has struck Athens, causing people to run out into the streets of the Greek capit [...]

The supreme court says peacekeeping soldiers from the Netherlands are partly to blame for 350 killin [...]

The earthquake, registered at 5.1 magnitude, knocked out telecoms and power in parts of the city. [...]

Shinji Aoba is suspected of deliberately starting the fire, and is in police custody at hospital. [...]

Grim details are starting to emerge from Japan's worst mass killing in almost 20 years, as poli [...]

A strong earthquake shook the Greek capital Athens on Friday, sending people rushing out of building [...]

In a relief to jailed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz, a Pakistani a [...]

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was forced to fly home on a commercial flight on Friday af [...]

Tehran on Friday denied that the United States had downed one of its drones, saying all Iranian airc [...]


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Der westdeutsche Geheimdienstchef, der in den Osten gingAm 20. Juli 1954 überquert der Verfassungsschutzpräsident Otto John unter mysteriösen Umständen die [...]

Angela Merkel: «Ich fühle mich solidarisch mit den von Trump attackierten Frauen»Die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel kritisiert US-Präsident Donald Trump bei ihrer Sommerpres [...]

Japan’s Akira Nishino formally signed his contract to take over as head coach of the Thai national a [...]

ATHENS: A strong earthquake has struck near the Greek capital of Athens, causing residents to run in [...]

PHITSANULOK: A couple who have been building their dream house for three years are facing a redecora [...]

A party of 160,000 paying members has had roughly 40,000 joiners in the past year. That has raised q [...]

Kyoto Animation is known for employing more women than most of its competitors do, and that was refl [...]

President Cyril Ramaphosa has offered conflicting accounts about the money, given by a company that [...]

Haben die USA über der Strasse von Hormuz gar eine eigene Drohne abgeschossen? [...]

Plündernde Milizen und Verschwörungstheorien machen den Kampf gegen die Epidemie im Kongo zur schwie [...]

Bringt das Ausscheren der Türken das Verteidigungsbündnis Nato ins Wanken? [...]


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Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cellsNew research finds that low doses of radiation equivalent to three CT scans, which are considered sa [...]

Jurassic fossil shows how early mammals could swallow like their modern descendantsThe 165-million-year-old fossil of Microdocodon gracilis, a tiny, shrew-like animal, shows the earli [...]

Tiny vibration-powered robots are the size of the world's smallest antResearchers have created a new type of tiny 3D-printed robot that moves by harnessing vibration from [...]

On 17 July 2019, the Director-General convened the Emergency Committee under the International Healt [...]

From 1 through 31 May 2019, the National International Health Regulations (IHR) Focal Point of Saudi [...]

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in North Kivu and Ituri provinces, Democratic Republic of [...]

Children’s film character Shaun the Sheep has completed his microgravity training ahead of the launc [...]

Mission planners at NASA and ESA’s Operations Centre (ESOC) have spent months debating the pros and [...]

Building a lunar base would be one of the next logical steps in our exploration of the Solar System, [...]

In his first interview, YouTube's UK managing director defends the platform's algorithms. [...]

Shows like Love Island, Gavin & Stacey and Victoria will be on ITV and the BBC's streaming [...]

Passengers will be able to make calls and go online anywhere on the Tube network by the mid-2020s. [...]

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World Population

The world population counter does not actually tick up every time someone is born. By using past census data the rate of population increase can be determined rather accurately.

The counter then shows the predicted increase over the course of one year but instead of updating the number just once each year, it divides the estimated number of people who will be born in that year by the number of seconds in a year, giving the appearance of a counter that is ticking upwards continuously.

According to global statistics, the world population on earth increases by 2.5 people every second and so implies 150 people per minute.

However, this number is both commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted as it does not mean 2.5 new born people in every second. Rather, 4.3 people are born on average in every second while 1.8 people die in the same time.

In a whole, this implies an increase of 2.5 people per second (4.3 born people minus 1.8 dead people equals 2.5). Extrapolated, these figures imply a number of 137 million people born every year on a global level whilst 58 million people die in the same period of time.