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Israel to halt Palestinian land annexation in 'historic' deal with UAEThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel are to establish diplomatic ties in a deal halti

Belarus president is no longer legitimate leader, says Lithuanian counterpartThe president of Lithuania said his embattled counterpart in Belarus is no longer the legi

Trump wants to change government rules so his hair can stay 'perfect'The Trump administration wants to change the rules around showerheads and water pressure i

Israel and the United Arab Emirates agree to normalise relations in the third Israel-Arab

The president argues the fringe legal theory was put forward by a "highly qualified

It is the latest White House move to undo Barack Obama's thaw with communist-run Cuba

CNN's John Berman and Kaitlan Collins discuss President Trump repeating the same exac

Russian officials in Moscow tell CNN they have offered "unprecedented cooperation

A top US diplomat said on Thursday the FBI would join a probe of the massive Beirut explos

US President Donald Trump on Thursday made the surprise announcement of a peace agreement

Kamala Harris has said that it would be great to have the title "vice president"


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Wegen Chaos bei Corona-Tests: Bayrische Gesundheitsministerin bot zweimal ihren Rücktritt anBayerns Behörden informierten 900 mit dem Virus infizierte Menschen nicht über ihre positi

«Tritt ab, solange es nicht zu spät ist»Die Literaturnobelpreisträgerin Swetlana Alexijewitsch äussert ihr Entsetzen über das brut

Israel und die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate schliessen FriedenDer amerikanische Präsident Donald Trump hat den Friedensschluss verkündet. Im Gegenzug fü

SAN FRANCISCO - The maker of video game sensation "Fortnite" on Thursday sued Ap

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Thursday urged Thais to reject the politics of hate an

DUBAI - Israel and the UAE agreed Thursday to normalise relations in a landmark US-brokere

President Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates would establish “full n

The government’s aid programs are winding down, and officials are so far resisting pressur

The rare questioning of Thailand’s royal family comes as student-led demonstrations have g

Auch am Donnerstag demonstrierten in Minsk Tausende von Menschen in den Strassen gegen die

Die Pandemie ist einer der wichtigsten Themen im US-Wahlkampf. Der Herausforderer von Dona

Zwanzig Fachleute aus der Schweiz prüfen in Beirut die Stabilität der öffentlichen Gebäude


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Although overhunting led to the demise of some prehistoric megafauna after the last ice ag

New theoretical research finds that many white dwarfs may explode in supernova in the dist

In a proof-of-concept study, researchers report that a simple, low-cost technique provided

On 23 July 2020, the France IHR National Focal Point reported a confirmed autochthonous (l

The health zone of Rethy in Ituri province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has seen

On 22 June 2020, the International Health Regualtions (IHR) Focal Point (FP) of Brazil sha

Information for all visitors to ESA sites Coronavirus measures for hosted meetings and vis

Image: After four months of darkness, the Sun finally rises on 11 August at Concordia rese

The LIC1 camera of the Canary Long-Baseline Observatory (CILBO) on Tenerife captured the p

Epic Games says it is taking Apple to court over "monopolistic" policies after i

It will serve self-isolation alerts based on logs of who the user was recently in close co

A new remake of the classic computer raises nearly £900,000 in just two days.

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World Population

The world population counter does not actually tick up every time someone is born. By using past census data the rate of population increase can be determined rather accurately.

The counter then shows the predicted increase over the course of one year but instead of updating the number just once each year, it divides the estimated number of people who will be born in that year by the number of seconds in a year, giving the appearance of a counter that is ticking upwards continuously.

According to global statistics, the world population on earth increases by 2.5 people every second and so implies 150 people per minute.

However, this number is both commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted as it does not mean 2.5 new born people in every second. Rather, 4.3 people are born on average in every second while 1.8 people die in the same time.

In a whole, this implies an increase of 2.5 people per second (4.3 born people minus 1.8 dead people equals 2.5). Extrapolated, these figures imply a number of 137 million people born every year on a global level whilst 58 million people die in the same period of time.