To Blog Or Not To Blog

To blog or not to blog? Since 1994, that's been the eternal question with no universal answer.
Hamlet, William Shakespeare

To blog or not to blog? Since 1994, that’s been the eternal question with no universal answer.

The Pros And The Cons

Clearly, blogging isn’t for everyone. It requires determination, motivation, and persistence. Yet with a little inspiration, anyone can begin their very own blogging adventure, experience the pros and cons, and reap the many benefits associated with the practice of blogging.

Some Pros
  • Blogging boosts creativity. If you’ve ever kept a journal, then you’ve likely felt the powerful effects writing can have on creativity.
  • Blogging will increase your SEO. Most personal websites are a collection of static pages. While this can be a great way to present yourself to those looking for you online, this is often not enough to drive new traffic to your site.
  • You can make money from your blog. Since blogs can drive a great amount traffic to your site, they’re also an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream for your work.
Some Cons
  • Well, think about not putting yourself under unnecessary pressure having to fill a blog with regular, more or less entertaining, educational and interesting diary-style text entries (posts).
  • Let’s not forget or at least underestimate: What’s put online into a blog in the morning gets probably outdated already in the evening!
  • Even worse, blogs get forgotten quite fast as they are archived and let’s be honest, who wants to click on a link where it says archive month year or any tags and slugs?
  • Besides, this also saves possible readers from reading such posts. Nowadays, we all probably are trashed enough with daily social media doses, online news and cyberspace friends’ messages.

“The environment is so full of television, party political broadcasts and advertising campaigns that you hardly need to do anything.”
– J.G. Ballard

World’s Oldest Blogger

World’s oldest blogger: Dagny ‘Bojan’ Carlsson from Sweden born in 1912 and died in 2022 (aged 110). Here’s her blog

Blogging Blogless Or With A Blog?

Is leading a blogless life possible at all? Yes, it is. You could simply opt for not continuously expressing your thoughts / experiences to the online community at all, not to do some vlogs (video blogs), podcasts, provide content snacks, info graphics, advanced contents…

…or go for the Blogless Publishing System which is there for web writers “of the other kind”. This system is some kind of anti-blog: No subscribers, no community stress, no excuses for not having written the follow-up article in your vacation time – it’s just articles. Just download, install, publish, share your texts with friends and no need to think about the rest.

However, if you want to maintain your own blog the conservative way, you might be in the right place to take off here: How to start a blog in less than 10 minutesPublish your passions, your way. I suggest, you keep it clean & lean implementing zen habits in daily life when preparing for a blogger’s life.

“A website with the main purpose of having people read content would best serve its readers with almost nothing else but what’s needed for the reading experience.”
– Leo Babauta

Blog Or Social Media Or Website?

If you go online not just passively surfing around, then all of them! Why? Blogging creates content that lives on your website. Social media engages with people about content.

If you write a short article and post it to social media only, it will get buried as you posted more. It is unprofessional to suggest someone go to your Facebook page and scroll through a river of posts to find a specific article. A blog makes it easy to find past posts, so you can easily refer people to them and link to them from other parts of your website or from social media platforms.

What is a post and what is a blog? Thinking about what a “post” is could be part of what trips up some would-be posters (or was it would-be bloggers?). They may think that posting an article on Facebook was blogging and because they don’t like social media, they were perhaps opposed to blogging.

So let’s clear things up. “Post” is both a verb and a noun. When it’s a noun, a post refers to the specific content you posted on either a blog or on social media. As a verb it can be used to describe the act of adding content to a blog or social media.

After All: Blog Or Vlog?

Making short video blogs – vlogs – can be a great way to attract new audiences and to entertain or surprise your current audience. Watch out 4 the 8 golden rules to become a successful vlogger: Making short video blogs – vlogs – can be a great way to attract new audiences and to entertain or surprise your current audience. Watch out 4 the 8 golden rules to become a successful vlogger:

Collaborate • Approach brands you acutally use • Get a manager • Value your content, literally • Be honest • Be consistent • Set targets • Edit yourself regardless of how many subscribers you get.

How to vlog? A beginner’s guide by Jeven Dovey