The challenges cover global Operations / Procurement / SCM for your SME or organisation unit in the customer goods industry (wholesale / retail) or in the technical supply industry.

Currently based in Switzerland, I am available for Interim Management, Remote Services and Procurement Consulting as well as Mentoring & Coaching. Permanent employment and perhaps relocation for example to your procurement markets are possible and global business traveling does not pose any problem.

Interim Management

Instant expertise: Inject highly-skilled procurement expertise into your team | Best-practice approach: A procurement expert, you can trust fitting seamlessly into your team – working remotely or on-site to look after your procurement | A range of experience: Inter-continental, multi-category expertise and an excellent track record | Increase flexibility: Upscale and downscale in line with your demands | Reduce cost: Avoid expensive recruitment fees | Upskilling: Get your internal personnel developed on your behalf.

Whether you are struggling to hire the right procurement talent, have a critical knowledge gap in your team or face a project with an aggressive deadline – the instant capacity and dependable procurement expertise you need is provided.

Remote Services

Sourcing and vendor management as well as quality inspections and loading supervision at the other end of the world based from your site might be challenging due to distance, culture, mentality and time difference – or just your very own internal time / source contstraints. Outsource such activities and let it be dealt with on your behalf: Travel to appropriate procurement markets | Perform scheduled and surprise supplier audits | Personal meetings with current or alternative & prospective vendors | Approach relevant chambers of commerce and suitable associations locally in the supplying countries.

Be represented overseas as a buyer at for your line of business important trade fairs & exhibitions and on site at vendor’s manufacturing facilities as well as other partners’ offices.

Procurement Consulting

Mentoring & Coaching

“Transform your procurement staff in your enterprise into entrepreneurs in your procurement team.”
Eric Roth

Why External Mentoring? Internal time constraints | Independent perspective | Lack of existing knowledge / experience | Develop in-house skills / fill skill gaps. Provide key procurement individuals with the expert mentoring support they need to achieve their full potential. Delivering one to one support, the process is designed to help people quickly gain the capability, understanding, skills and confidence required to develop as a procurement professional and perform in your business.

Whether you’re looking to on-board new starters or enhance the capability of your team, procurement mentoring & coaching provides the support your team members need to be effective.


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