My Competencies


A profile is formed by a specific score pattern on the competencies. Although each and every human being is unique, which makes any mix of scores possible, there are nevertheless competencies that often turn out to be correlated.

“Competency” has become an important term in professional organizations and subsequently in secondary and higher vocational education over the past 15 years.

There are plenty of definitions being circulated. For the purposes of this competency test, a synthesis of the most common definitions has been used, one in which a competency is conceived of as

“a combination of knowledge and insight, mindset and skill that is perceptible in one’s behavior and which is used to achieve goals in practice.”

Development Tips

The following Development Tips are of common nature and not tailored for my score.

My Score

The present report indicates how I have rated myself on 16 fundamental competencies compared to the working population in the Netherlands for example.

Personal Competency Test Scores


The figure presents an example of the distribution of scores for the reference group for a random competency. This distribution has been divided up into nine boxes (stanine scores), each containing a certain percentage of people.

The fifth box represents 20% of the people who had an average score. In the case of score 1, then, 4% of the people are achieving this score, with 96% of the people from the reference group stating that they have the competency to a large extent.

Here is an ascending sorted list containing my competencies in order of my score. For each competency, there is a development tip as shown in the general overview above.

  • Creating
  • Communicating in writing
  • Deciding
  • Taking the initiative
  • Functioning under pressure
  • Analyzing
  • Reacting flexibly
  • Planning and organizing
  • Persevering
  • Self-mgmt & self-dvlpmt
  • Leading
  • Checking
  • Noticing
  • Helping
  • Communicating verbally
  • Networking

This enables three clear profiles to emerge from my competency test:

  • the commercial (planning and organizing, monitoring, deciding, persevering, and self-development)
  • the entrepreneur (being flexible, taking the initiative, having leadership, networking, functioning under pressure, and creating)
  • the communicator (verbal communication, noticing, helping, and written communication)


Reflecting above list correctly sequenced according to my test results and taking into consideration the above emerged three clear profiles, I dare judge that My Competencies

…made me a commercial entrepreneurial communicator.

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