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Eric RothBased in Switzerland, I am available for interim management, remote services and procurement consulting as well as mentoring & coaching.

Permanent employment and perhaps relocation for example to your procurement markets are possible and global business traveling does not pose any problem.

The challenges cover global Operations / Procurement / SCM for your SME or organisation unit in the customer goods industry (wholesale / retail) or in the technical supply industry.

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Proven specialist for global Operations / Procurement / SCM in B2B and B2C markets.

  • Various greenfield projects mainly in Europe and in the procurement market Asia.
  • Category management / product development incl. packaging and MoB decision matrices.
  • Direct and indirect procurement of goods (also OEM / ODM) and services on a global basis: Analysis, strategy, guidelines, processes as well as KPI measurement methodology and tools. Sourcing (also in BCCs / LCCs), vendor- and quality management incl. ISO and standards for environment protection / sutainability as well as social / ethical responsibilities. Introduction of self-control concept according to HACCP guidelines and inspection procedures according to AQL level II.
  • International trade administration incl. contract matters, transfer pricing policies and insurance solutions.
  • SCM according to Incoterms: From air- and sea freight to international logistics incl. 3PL to Kanban.
  • Acquired competence in process optimization: Intoduction of KAIZEN and education as a Lean Manager.
  • Strong IT affinity developed through advanced user knowledge of the MS Office palette as well as common ERPs. Administration of several LANs as well as website design and development.

Savoir Faire

Here’s an overview of my core competencies and gathered experience so far. Such activities, I have been successfully performing both in domestic (Switzerland) and foreign countries covering Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.

Int’l Experience


Stationed there for >10 years: Setup and operate a procurement organization consisting of international sourcing & purchasing offices in various countries all over Asia. Feasibility study of production sites in Vietnam and Cambodia. Evaluation of acquisition of an existing factory in China.


English and French language studies. Final exams, various seminars and workshops.


Business activities throughout Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Several work stays in Scandinavia, mainly in Sweden.