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To blog or not to blog? That's been the eternal question with no universal answer. There are currently 75 posts in My Blog allocated to the below categories. Besides traveling and global politics, My Interests cover topics as in these 44 projects divided into the below types.

Next to the projects you may discover in My Interests and other cares such as traveling and global politics, I read quite a lot and usually buy books second-hand in print for a Dollar or two. Below are the latest picks out of the books, I am currently reading or read in the past.

All the books, you'll find in My Bookshelf include both types fiction as well as non-fiction and the genre range goes from Science Fiction to Action to Adventure to Mystery to Thriller to (Auto)Biographies to (Controversial)Literature to Suspense to Horror to Poetry and some Fantasy.

Der Trudeau Vektor
The Pillars of the Earth
Der Schwarm
The Da Vinci Code
The Terror
Narcissus and Goldmund
Giordano Bruno: Philosopher/Heretic
Janus: A Summing Up
Die Päpstin
On Life After Death
Sechs mal zwei
Der Letzte seiner Art
On Death and Dying
Der Medicus von Saragossa

This one’s about enjoyable activities and NOT the Fun ‘n Games as in a situation that you don’t enjoy dealing with. Two games are tailored to this site's content and very much related to My Destinations and my Photo Album. The third one has been legendary history.

One Earth | Many Worlds. Explore an interactive world map showing some of My Destinations, I have been so far.

Yet another interactive map with all the spots of which there’s a post in My Blog. Currently 75 posts and counting…

One Earth | Many Worlds. A collection of pics taken by me while traveling the world. In 315 galleries, there are several thousands of photos to discover from various continents and countries. Find some random picks below and all of them in my Photo Album.

Some random picks out of the humble collection of 20 self-made videos from places, I have been to. All the recordings in my Video Collection were made by spontaneously pulling out the mobile phone and therefore nothing really professional.

Konstanz (Rainbow)
Budapest (Into the Water)
Züri Fäscht (Jardin du Plaisir)
Konstanz (Rainbow)
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Budapest (Into the Water)
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Züri Fäscht (Jardin du Plaisir)
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I developed true interest and a certain level of expertise in global Operations / Procurement / SCM. Here are some chosen essayes and insight material made available online for you. Discover more @ Professional > My Background. Need Support & Services? Hire me!