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Personal Personal - The Personal Me exposes the virtual footprints of all my public stuff released into cyberspace.
Professional Professional - The Professional Me reveals my background, tailored support & services, availabiltiy and publicatons.


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Some Pics

“Every journey starts somewhere and mine began here: Born in the past millennium, I’ve not become unf*ckwithable just yet but a world citizen inexorably attending the School of Life.”
– Eric Roth

My Origins

The city of Thun in Switzerland which is located at the lower end of the lake Thun is where I grew up and the gate to the Bernese Oberland. The historic Old Town is situated about one kilometer from the shore of the lake on the river Aare.



The word endorsemonial does not exist – I just made it up and it’s a playful word combination of endorsement and testimonial.

My Quotes

Quotes of mine in Personal and Professional

“Who said quotes only originate from (more or less) famous people? Sometimes such statements and others come to my mind. Are these then quotable notes or notable quotes?”
– Eric Roth

My Traits

Personality Traits - People have unique personalities. These traits define how I tend to think, feel and behave on an ongoing basis.