My Bookshelf

Next to the projects you may discover in My Interests and other cares such as traveling and global politics, I read quite a lot and usually buy books second-hand in print for a Dollar or two.

The types include both fiction as well as non-fiction and the genre range goes from Science Fiction to Action to Adventure to Mystery to Thriller to (Auto-)Biographies to (Controversial) Literature to Suspense to Horror to Poetry and some Fantasy.

Below and in My Bookshelf @Goodreads, you will find some of the books, I have been reading.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”
– Fran Lebowitz

Der Trudeau Vektor
The Pillars of the Earth
Der Schwarm
The Da Vinci Code
The Terror
Narcissus and Goldmund
Giordano Bruno: Philosopher/Heretic
Janus: A Summing Up
Die Päpstin
On Life After Death
Sechs mal zwei
Der Letzte seiner Art
On Death and Dying
Der Medicus von Saragossa

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