My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf

Digital Bookshelf

I read quite a lot and usually buy books second-hand in print (no more e-books on mobile readers) for a Dollar or two.

The types include both fiction as well as non-fiction and the genre range goes from Science Fiction to Action to Adventure to Mystery to Thriller to (Auto-)Biographies to (Controversial) Literature to Suspense to Horror to Poetry and some Fantasy.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”
– Fran Lebowitz

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Movie Database

I prefer movies over TV series or sitcoms as I don’t want to get glued to the screen over weeks or even months.

Box office or mainstream movies are probably not as good as marketing and the general opinion imply. French movies are by far better than those from the Hollywood industry and German movies are just a matter of like or dislike.

“Only the gentle are ever really strong.”
– James Dean

Find some of the movies, I have watched and rated in my Movie Database. The list is constantly growing.

Movie Database

Movie Database

My YT Channel

My Bookshelf

My YT Channel


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“It’s not called being gay, it’s called being fabulous!”
– PewDiePie

Did you know? Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie is the first solo YouTuber to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, so about 1% of the people on the planet are subscribed to his channel.

PewDiePie launched his channel back in April 2010 and dropped out of college to build his career as a YouTuber.

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Eric Roth

Eric Roth