Wildpark Langenberg, CH

Zurich Wilderness Park Langenberg – Wild Animals at the Gateway to the City: Wolves, brown bears, elks, wild boar and many other wild animals live at the Langenberg wildlife park outside the gateway to the city of Zurich.

The animals can be observed in their natural environment on various circular routes through the forest. The animals are not forced into small enclosures and instead have plenty of room to roam where they can also retreat or behave as they would in nature. This makes encounters with animals fascinating and memorable and adventure worlds intensify man’s encounter with the animal world.


The city of Zürich received the Sihl forest – or Sihlwald in German – as a gift in 1309 from the Hapsburgers and again in 1524 through the dissolution of the Fraumünster convent. Over the following centuries, the forest provided Zürich with timber and firewood. However, the trees have not been felled since the 1990s; this is due to the actions of forest director Andreas Speich, in order to preserve the forest’s unique composition.

In 1869, Langenberg Wildlife Park was founded by the city forester Carl Anton Ludwig von Orelli (Born: October 1, 1808 in Zürich; Died: January 28, 1890 in Langnau am Albis).

On August 28, 2009, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) declared the Sihl forest a “regional nature park of national importance”. The protection of Sihl forest was established through a forest reserve agreement in 2007 and a cantonal Protection Ordinance in 2008.

The Zürich Wilderness Park was formed in 2009, by the merger of the Langenberg Wildlife Park and the Sihlwald forest. Today, the park welcomes more than half a million yearly visitors, who are encouraged to barbecue, hike, cycle, and even ride horseback through the park, as well as visit the its museum and attend various outdoor events.

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