Wägitalersee, CH

The Wägitalersee is an artificial lake in Wägital, a valley in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. The lake is surrounded by the mountains Gross Aubrig, Fluebrig, Zindlenspitz, Brünnelistock and Bockmattli. The Wägitalersee’s idyllic landscapes offer numerous activities: hiking, swimming, biking, mountain biking, rowing, climbing, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, etc.


The fishing is probably the best known among the many activities possible in the Wägital. The fishing permit can be obtained in the fishing office on site. For season card holders the season for trout, whitefish, perch and zander begins on the 16th April. Angler with day passes can fish from the 1st May. The season ends on the 15th October for all anglers.

Part of the Wägital Nature trail, an attractive circular route, also leads along the lake. The interested visitor here encounters eight themed locations, each of which deals with a specific aspect by means of special wood installations.

The reservoir is located in the municipality of Innerthal. The old village was flooded in 1924 when the dam Schräh was constructed. A new village was built on the current lake.

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