Steinboden-Laucheren, CH

Hoch-Ybrig is a skiing and hiking area in Canton of Schwyz in Switzerland (Municipalities of Unteriberg, Oberiberg *). Hoch-Ybrig is dominated by the mountain range Forstberg – Druesberg (2282 metres) – Twäriberg. These mountains form a boundary between Hoch-Ybrig on one side and Muotathal valley and Canton of Glarus on the other side. A cablecar leads from Weglosen (1035 m) to Seebli (1460 m) at the feet of Roggenstock. From Seebli, there are cablecar connections to Spirstock (1771 m) and Sternen (1856 m).

*) Oberiberg is a village and municipality in Schwyz District in the canton of Schwyz. The municipality comprises the village of Oberiberg and the hamlet and ski area of Hoch-Ybrig. A chairlift leads from Oberiberg to Steinboden-Laucheren (1483 m) and Laucherenstöckli (1752 m).


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