Rotenflue, CH

The Rotenfluh (also spelled Rotenflue) is a mountain in the Swiss Prealps (Mythen Region), located east of Schwyz in Central Switzerland. It is part of the range surrounding the valley of Alpthal, culminating at the Gross Mythen. The Rotenfluh is a popular vantage point over the Lake Lucerne region.

The mountain is part of a ski area and is easily accessible from Rickenbach near Schwyz by the Rotenfluebahn, a gondola lift. Unlike the previous cable car, which culminated at an elevation of 1,527 metres, the current facility reaches a higher elevation, the upper station being within a few metres from the top. Several restaurants lie in the summit area.

Hiking possibilities with the most varied degrees of difficulty are waiting for you. For sure-footed hikers the Grosse Mythen is an absolute must. The 360° panorama offers a marvellous view over the lowland with countless lakes and over the foothills of the Alps. Walkers as well find their dream route in the Mythen Region, where numerous mountain inns invite to linger for a while.

In winter the Mythen Region proves to be a reasonably priced family skiing area, providing parking right at the skiruns. The winter sport offering consists of 14 installations, ski schools, winter walking paths and snowshoe trails, sled runs and last but not least the Freestyle-Funpark «Mythenpark».


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