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The Haslital holiday region is located in Switzerland between Interlaken and Lucerne in the eastern Bernese Oberland. The valley is nestled between the passes Brünig, Grosse Scheidegg, Susten and Grimsel. Family-friendly, varied leisure and sports facilities, but also the awareness of tradition and cultural characteristics, are the characteristics of an impressive holiday region in the heart of Switzerland.


Francesco Petrarca started it all. In historical documents, he has been called «the first tourist» because he travelled for pure enjoyment without a specific purpose. His wanderings, of course, took place in summer – winter hiking was all but unheard of in the 14th century. This has definitely changed. Nowadays, the infrastructure is in place. All you need are the right clothes and shoes to be able to immerse yourselves in the white snow of the Jungfrau Region.

The cable car company Meiringen-Hasliberg operates a summer and winter sports resort in the Bernese Oberland, ranging from 600 up to 2500 m asl. Every year, over half a million people are transported up to the sun in the mountains, where they explore sports, culinary and alpine culture.

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