Bödmerenwald, CH

Hidden, right at the very back of Muotathal (Muota Valley), lies one of the most ancient surviving Alpine forests – the Bödmerenwald. The forest is around 550 ha in size, with some parts of it still untouched today. You can discover it for yourself, with the the themed trails “Urwaldspur” and the hiking trail “Urwaldweg” *).


The ancient mountain forest grows on a karst landscape, furrowed by ditches and fractures. The many obvious pillar-like crown shape spruces is an adaptation to the large quantities of snowfall. Here lie the oldest spruces in Europe.

Particularly impressive is the Bödmerenwald during the mountain spring between June – July and the autumn time, when the whistling-grass turns orange and the bilberry leaves are red. There is approximately 156 h of primary forest within the core area of the Bödmeren forest reserve. This is a subalpine spruce forest and cannot be found anywhere else in Switzerland.

Since 1984, 70 ha have been secluded as a reserve and is under constant observation by experts. The reserve status has allowed experts to conduct a number of scientific investigations, with it’s unique animal and plant community validating the reserve’s uniqueness.

*) Urwaldweg: Approx. 3 hrs hiking time, 10km long, 469m in height

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