Aegerisee, CH

Aegerisee (or Lake Aegeri) is a glacial lake in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. The two municipalities along its shore are Oberägeri and Unterägeri. The main tributary is the Hüribach; the Lorze river drains the Ägerisee. Since 1992, the lake is used as a water reservoir.

The Battle of Morgarten took place in 1315 on the shores of the Ägerisee.


Do you know the “pearl” of the Canton of Zug? On this tour you will get to know it. Choose your way of getting there (see below). From the starting point, your hike begins along the beautiful shore of the turquoise and green colored Lake Ägeri. An idyllic, romantic hiking trail taking you past nice swimming and picnic areas.

On hot summer days the walk through the shady forest is a welcome relief from the hot sun. A dive into the cool water at the Lido Unterägeri is the perfect way to end the trip. After this hike you will also know why Aegeri Valley is so well liked by both young and old.

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