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Certified Lean Manager • MBA General Management • Marketing Planner • Designer Advertising Industry

Proven specialist for Global Operations / Strategic Controlling / Procurement & SCM with entrepreneurial flair and a pioneering spirit having gathered international experience along the value-creation chain of goods and services in both B2B and B2C markets. Professional experience and proven knowledge in overall corporate interrelations, strategy development and project management.

Through long-term overseas assignment (>10 years based in Asia) experienced in dealing with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and in communicating audience specific on all hierarchy levels.

Has been professionally engaged in the global value creation chain and therein especially direct / indirect procurement in various industries starting with the production of end consumer goods for the retail markets, semi-finished products and other finished goods for the industry including all accompanying services both in Switzerland and abroad.

Became acquainted with many core and flanking business areas and developed a high degree of affinity for general business management matters, comprehensive global procurement (both direct and indirect spend) / merchandising and SCM, for controlling, HR issues and IT challenges as well as target-oriented processes incl. quality management.

Brings many years of practical experience in global operations, strategic controlling and product management in domestic and foreign companies abroad as well as cross-continental and multi-level HR management and employee leadership of 60 staff in Asia and 100 staff in Switzerland of various nationalities incl. apprentices in 3 professions.

Long-standing key undertakings in global procurement and along the value creation chain of goods and services



  • Autonomous and can assume responsibility. Communicate on various hierarchy levels addressee related. I am strategic, analytical, curious and enjoy learning. Approach situations in a solution-oriented and pragmatic manner. Able to see the big picture and think outside the box.


  • Sometimes quite details oriented and due to that often seem serious and factual. Somewhat high expectations towards people surrounding me and occasionally impatient as I like to see things done rather than just being talked about.
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Traits Conclusion

“Eric is a pragmatic, objective, fact-oriented and thinking organized creator who through inner motivation influences people and circumstances, helps persuade doers, thrives on competitive situations and challenging assignments, whose effectiveness and enthusiasm are unlikely to be reduced and a commercial entrepreneurial communicator open to experience, conscientious, not so extroverted but yet agreeable, hardly to upset and relaxed reacting individual who achieves targets through determination and perseverance by applying an analytical attitude focusing on results and who is an autonomous, influential, advanced working conditions enjoying, variable, creative, work-life balance favoring, prestigious, financial reward seeking, security preferring, performance delivering, sufficiently structured, somewhat self-developing, occasionally unselfish and a bit work relationship disregarding kind of guy.”


Here’s an overview of my core competencies and gathered experience so far. Such activities, I have been successfully performing both in domestic (Switzerland) and foreign countries covering Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.


PP presentation: Lean Management with emphasis on above topics as well as 5S and value stream mapping.

Online essays on topics such as Procurement, SCM, KAIZEN and the logistic control system Kanban.

Personal Me

Enough here of the Professional Me. In token of dual diversity, also learn about the other self, a member of the famous monkeys:

The Personal Me hacking away at the keyboard posting no evil.

Personality Tests

In her award-winning book “Weapons of Math Destruction”, Dr. Cathy O’Neil shares several examples of how predictive tests and scoring mechanisms can seriously damage someone’s life.

The example the mathematician offers here shows how the scoring from personality tests, often used in the hiring process, can exclude entire groups of people regardless of their talents, knowledge, experience and competencies.

“Big data processes codify the past. They do not invent the future.”
Dr. Cathy O'Neil

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