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This presentation comes along with emphasis on below issues as well as 5S and value stream mapping.

Online essays on topics such as Procurement, SCM, KAIZEN and Kanban.


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“Eric is a pragmatic, objective, fact-oriented and thinking organized creator who through inner motivation influences people and circumstances, helps persuade doers, thrives on competitive situations and challenging assignments, whose effectiveness and enthusiasm are unlikely to be reduced and a commercial entrepreneurial communicator open to experience, conscientious, not so extroverted but yet agreeable, hardly to upset and relaxed reacting individual who achieves targets through determination and perseverance by applying an analytical attitude focusing on results and who is an autonomous, influential, advanced working conditions enjoying, variable, creative, work-life balance favoring, prestigious, financial reward seeking, security preferring, performance delivering, sufficiently structured, somewhat self-developing, occasionally unselfish and a bit work relationship disregarding kind of guy.”

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Personality Tests

In her award-winning book “Weapons of Math Destruction”, Dr. Cathy O’Neil shares several examples of how predictive tests and scoring mechanisms can seriously damage someone’s life.

The example the mathematician offers here shows how the scoring from personality tests, often used in the hiring process, can exclude entire groups of people regardless of their talents, knowledge, experience and competencies.

“Big data processes codify the past. They do not invent the future.”
Dr. Cathy O'Neil